In this document a growth strategy for asquiring SUPs first 1.000.000 downloads is presented.

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Growth trough collaboration

Twitter did it on South By Southwest, Facebook through Harward.
What all successful social communities has in common is that they in the beginning focused on winning traction in a very specific network or niche. For any social app or platform, it is better to have 1.000 active users in a single network like a university, than 1.000 users spread over a whole city.
The core of the strategy here presented is to get access to large member- and customer networks where the network owner does the customer acquisition job for us.

The working for this strategy is “Growth through collaboration”.


What do we give in return to our partners

A Sup partner has a great platform to communicate with their network for a zero-cost investment.
No need to develop their own app, we take care of the technical part, they about the content.
As Sup's user base grows, Sup partners also get access to new audiences.

Example uses:
* Publish blog posts
* Send direct messages to members/fans/customers
* Sell tickets and merchendise
* Great deals and discounts
* Publish events
* Breaking news
* Weather forecast
* Etc.

Next step


* What is our long- and short-term goals
- Exit strategy
- Amount of users
- Revenue

* What need to happen for these to become reality
- Money / Finance
- Needed staff
- Amount of users

* How much time do we need to achieve each goal.

* When do we pull the plug.